Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Westside High School - Academic Excellence and Innovation

Westside High School is a nationally-recognized comprehensive high school serving students in Omaha, Nebraska. Part of acclaimed District 66 (and Westside Community Schools), Westside High School has been honored as a Distinguished School by the Apple Learning Interchange due to its innovative educational methods and outstanding teaching staff. Westside High School holds the distinction of being the first public school in Nebraska to issue laptops to its students for use during the school year; the Apple iBooks were first issued in 2004, and today constitute an important part of the learning process for students at the school.
Westside students attend classes on a modular schedule, which allows additional flexibility in course selection and provides the opportunity for students to survey more subjects during the course of an academic year. Classes are divided into three categories according to size. Small groups range between ten and twenty students, and typically feature free discussion of the course material guided by an instructor. Large group classes are modeled on university lectures and are held in one of the three sizable lecture halls. Laboratory classes offer additional instruction in science and technology coursework. Its innovative modular schedule helps students sample a wider range of subjects than would be possible with a more traditional scheduling scheme. Students also develop personal responsibility and decision-making skills that will serve them in good stead after graduation.
Westside encourages parent involvement in the educational process, and schedules regular conferences to keep parents up-to-date on their children's progress. Additionally, a number of extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletic competitions offer something for almost every interest group. Chess, anime, business, gaming, math, science, and a number of foreign language clubs provide a chance for students to discuss and pursue their hobbies in a safe environment. Competitive team sports at Westside include football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, track and field, tennis, soccer, and golf.
High academic standards and performance characterize the Westside Community Schools, and Westside High School is no exception. For the 2009/2010 school year, it led the state of Nebraska in the number of National Merit Semifinalists selected based on scores on the PSAT; twelve students received this distinction. Westside also routinely outperforms the state averages for ACT scores, making it a highly desirable school district for college-bound high school students. The outstanding educational opportunities at Westside High School are a significant attraction for families considering a move to the Omaha area.

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