Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How A "Stupid Orphan Boy" Became The Father Of Science And What It Means For Your Online Business!

He was often heralded as "the most brilliant man that ever lived." He and Albert Einstein ranked #1 and #2 as history's leading world physicists.
He discovered the law of universal gravitation. He defined the law of planetary motion. He co-founded the principles and study of calculus. He discovered that white light is composed of all the colors of the spectrum.
More than any other, he is responsible for laying the foundation of our modern-day study of mathematics, astronomy, and physics. Yet this slow, awkward, and fatherless boy was abandoned by his widowed mother at the age of two and left to the care and keeping of his grandmother. As a young boy he did very poorly in grade school, was often teased about his stupidity, and was considered by his instructors very "unpromising." He became engaged at 19 but the romance with his sweetheart quickly cooled as she left him to marry someone else.
Then something miraculous happened.
The young man became engrossed in his studies and through diligence, persistence, and hard work he became the top student in his school. Surprisingly, his most important discoveries were made during a two-year period when the university he was attending was closed due to an epidemic of the plague. He was forced to retire to his home where he continued his self-tutoring.
So what miraculous change came over this young man? How did he rise above the challenges and dire circumstances forced upon him early in life? What lesson can you learn from his life about turning failure into success?
Here are his own words: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton
Newton was quick to give credit to and magnify or enlarge upon the contributions of those who had gone before him. His vision and perspective were greater than the masses because he continually built upon and perfected the knowledge, ideas, and work of his predecessors.
Small and home based business owners should do the same.
Today's online business environment at Internet speed is mind boggling! Change happens at a dizzying pace, new ideas and profitable selling models pop up constantly, emerging technologies appear on the scene like waves crashing on the beach one after another.
You don't have time to re-invent the principles of business success. You can't afford to wait upon perfection as you create a new business, web site or product. You can't continue personal learning at the expense of doing - both must happen continually together.

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