Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Top Computer Schools

There are a number of computer schools in the United States that offer computer courses and have sprung up due to the increasing demand for trained Information Technology (IT) professionals. With so many schools and institutes to choose from, it is difficult to decide on the computer school that is best. In the decision process for the top computer schools, consider the reputation of the institute offering the computer courses, the type of courses offered, whether the latest courses are available, the faculty that is engaged and the success rate of the computer school. Most of this information is readily available in the computer school's prospectus, brochure, or their website.
For an individual, it is practically impossible to find out all the information pertaining to all the relevant computer schools and compare them and arrive at the results for the top computer schools. Certain companies carry out yearly surveys about the various schools, colleges and universities and compile them based on the courses offered. The US News and World report had surveyed more than 2000 traditional colleges and virtual universities in the year 2006 and compiled a directory of the undergraduate and graduate level courses, certificates and degrees.
Based on their survey, The University of California, Berkeley, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University (PA), Stanford University, Cornell University (NY), University of Washington, Princeton University (NJ), Rice University (TX), University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University (MA), University of California-Los Angeles, and the Columbia University (NY) are some of the top ranking schools in the United States of America, in the computers field. There are some online computer schools as well that offer certificate, associate and graduate level courses in computers, to name a few, DeVry University, ITT Technical Institute and the University of Phoenix.

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